Montclair NJ Family Photographer – the Ambrosi Family in Brookdale Park

Twice now I’ve had the opportunity to have this beautiful family in front of my lens – and I could easily photograph them all day every day and we’d still find so many wonderfully rich moments to capture. Seeing this trio grow both in size and in maturity has been a true joy. They bring me in as though I’m just another one of the family – who just happens to have a camera. I can only imagine they treat everyone with the same warmth and welcome – as a whole and individually, they are radiant. As a Montclair NJ Family Photographer, this afternoon will forever remain on my short list of beautiful afternoons in the park!

We met up on one of the most gorgeous days in October here in New Jersey. Brookdale Park, though full of life and activity, had oodles of pockets for us to meander and explore – and feel essentially alone in our own bubble. This park is such a gem to North Jersey, and one I fall in love with more and more with each visit. Even now, with the winter setting in, the park is still stunning with it’s bending paths and rolling landscape. If you’re in the area – grab a picnic and stay for a while, this little  hide-away won’t disappoint!

I do hope you enjoy the images 🙂

xx – Sarah

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montclair nj family photographerPIN22.elopement-wedding-photographer-nyc.sarah-day-boodhooPIN23.elopement-wedding-photographer-nyc.sarah-day-boodhooPINmontclair nj family photographerPIN25.elopement-wedding-photographer-nyc.sarah-day-boodhooPIN26.elopement-wedding-photographer-nyc.sarah-day-boodhooPIN27.elopement-wedding-photographer-nyc.sarah-day-boodhooPIN28.elopement-wedding-photographer-nyc.sarah-day-boodhooPIN

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