A Little about Me


photo credit: Jon Canlas

Thanks for popping by! This site is where I get to share the stories of some really cool folks – and occasionally my own crew. And maybe a little about me, too.

I love Chai Tea first thing in the morning. I love the first thing in the morning. And a glass of wine last thing at night. I prefer an overcast day to direct sun. I love weather and all its variations! I love sleeping in, but relish an early start to the day. I love sunrises. And I live for my family. I love. I see, think and breathe in light. And I spend my days contemplating and practicing how to capture that light.

I am a mom, a wife, and a photographer, storyteller, artist and daughter of All that Is. I majored in photography and graduated with a degree in ‘I have no idea what to do now!’. I spent the next decade or so enjoying all of life’s adventures, which took me from Michigan, to London, to Chicago, to St. Louis, to the NYC area – Hoboken and Brooklyn (where my main squeeze and I eloped!). We finally planted roots in Montclair as a ‘we’ rather than an ‘I’. Along the way, I’ve encountered amazing people, had remarkable experiences, found love and created life. I’ve had many successes, some failures, and most failures turned into successes in their own mysterious way. My sweet, gregarious, mischief making, handsome little guys (now 6 and 3!) remind me daily that I have a story to share. The way I express myself is through light, images, the little moments that create the big picture. I am driven by the moments that make me race for my camera. I am not driven by praise for my work and I don’t shoot for the blogs or what is trending. What I want for myself is beautiful images full of emotion and reality – tangible images I can give to my minions one day.  I want to capture our memories that make them laugh at our haircuts, our bodies, the ‘outdated’ house – as they’ll seem in 40  years – but moreover, I want them to feel what it was really like. Here. And now. I want them to have photo’s that remind them that they are completely and unconditionally loved.


photo credit: my mom

I strive to get in the photo’s now, too. It’s hard! I’m a good 20lbs+ over my ‘happy weight’. I don’t want my kids wondering ‘where was mom??’. One fact I know – they will not look back and think – whoa!! does mom have back fat??. Nope. They won’t. They’ll have a small truck of images that will make them think – and more importantly – feel – that their folks loved them wholly and deeply. And maybe sported some funny haircuts and outfits along the way.

Though, as beautiful as my sons are, – and as much as I just can’t keep my camera off them! – I am on a mission to share other’s stories, as well. A mission to capture the beauty, the sincerity, the laughs, the glances the dances and tears, the quiet moments and the full on noisy elations of life. Be it a wedding, a newborn, a family with college age students – love and life is always there and that is what drives me to my camera.

I believe each day should be lived with enthusiasm, and I am a constant practitioner in sharing that enthusiasm.

xoxo –


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