A Holland MI Photographer with Bri and Ryan

We had just a short window before I was to start photographing his sisters wedding, when Ryan and his girlfriend, Bri, agreed to run out to the beach in Holland, MI for a quick mini-photo session. As a Holland MI Photographer, I was totally excited, as  I think they’re just adorable as can be. I was also bundled to the hilt, ’cause it’s not joke on Lake Michigan after Labor Day. Bri, however, was a complete trouper. The sunny skies and blue water can be very deceptive to a photo – it was bone chilling cold this morning. As in ice on the blades of grass. Of course, we from Michigan, call it ‘dew’. But we all know the truth. It’s ice.

However, Bri and Ryan are, as most Michiganders are, outdoorsy, so this was more of a stroll in their backyard than anything – and I’m so glad we did! This little series just warms my heart. Ryan, being my baby-cousin (ironically now 12″ taller than me), was the first baby I ever held in my arms. So, to have a moment to photograph him, all grown up, and with Bri, was really a special moment for me…

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