Tribeca Photographer with a Girls Weekend Out

I’ve been asked to do some really, really cool events of late. 40th birthday parties, special albums, elopements and baptism + wedding combo’s. The type of commissions that aren’t necessarily going to land me on the cover of the hottest publication, but the sort of gigs that make me truly and deeply love my job.

This is one of those sessions. Brooke, 1/3 of this trio, reached out to me in hopes to get a small session together between her and her girls. Having been best friends since High School and then being dispersed throughout the years, they decided to have a girls weekend to celebrate all their birthdays. And I suspect, to just have a moment to catch up.

Being that we talked all about their last photo – the epic ‘Olan Mills’ photo they all still keep – framed – in their respective houses. I know this little series will remain dear to their hearts, as well. And that’s what I find really friggin’ awesome. And the fact that they were so game to pop down to the pier on such a frigid day! It was truly no joke out there with the wind rolling in off the Hudson. BUT, I could not resist the color – the landscape and the sheer beauty of the day – so so happy we made this little jaunt!

I hope you enjoy this series as much as I do!

xx – Sarah




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