Personal Blog – Loag’s + the Donut

Long long ago, I used to rock at B&W photography. It was almost exclusively how saw life and how I photographed. Color was eck. I couldn’t nail a color photograph to save me. AND, I shot on a 4×5 camera (as in, the camera that requires you put a blanket over your head so that you can see the ground glass  – aka, the ‘viewfinder’).

Some things have changed. Some not so much. While I still have my 4×5 and break it out every so often, it’s not my go-to kit any longer. More like an old friend I get to meet for coffee every quarter or so.

Color is my new BFF and b&w, well, more like an old boyfriend who’d I’d like to remain friends with, but, it just got weird. You see, they changed film types on me. And for some reason, whenever we meet, and we start to talk, I fall back into my old habits, and he? He’s moved on. And the results are almost nearly disastrous.

So, I’ve decided to really concentrate on getting to know the new b&w better. We used to work so well together, I’m confident we can become good buddies once again. In this effort, I forced my exhausted 2-year old to sit for some photos. With a donut. One would think this would be an adorably happy little 2-year old. Instead, he tried on his ‘NO!! Not the paparazzi!!!’ face. Se La Vie. At least Mr. b&w and I seemed to have gotten along for this little rendezvous!

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And in case your curious – the donut was, indeed, delicious! Compliments from the Montclair Bread Co. And film processed at theFINDLab.



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