NYC Lifestyle Photography – Christina & Crew

When I received the email requesting images for a ‘citizenship ceremony’, I couldn’t help but think: ‘that’s something new!’. As I’ll admit, I’d never been asked to shoot such a thing. Once Christina and I started talking it turned out the Consulate isn’t quite – photog-friendly. We then opted to meet infront of the British Embassy. From there, we had a fantastic time touring NYC. Our final lunch destination was Tea and Sympathy in the Village. With Christina’s 3 daughters in tow, all of whom on the cusp of great adventures, this was truly a special time in their lives. Together, we walked, talked and photographed – it was a beautiful day 🙂

Touring around the streets of NYC, we explored Jackson Square and lively Greenwich Village. This was a different pace than photographing a wedding or chasing toddlers, and I absolutely loved this session just as much!

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do!

xx – Sarah

Vendor Love
Lunch Spot – Tea and Sympathy
Film Processing & Scanning – The FINDLab


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