NYC Elopement, Intimate Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer with Angelia and Mckenna

Doing what I do, I’ve seen so much inspiration and so very many creative ways of celebrating life. This little session was nothing short of inspirational for me within my own little crew. With a focus on being a NYC elopement, intimate wedding and lifestyle photographer, this little session completely captures what I love to do with my days. A leisurely stroll through this magnificent city while freezing moments in time.

Angelia approached me in hopes of getting some ‘NYC’ photos of her and her daughter – who was just turning 10 years old and they were traveling up from Georgia! To celebrate her daughters big 1-0, or double digits as I remember calling it oh so many years ago, the girls are offered a trip of their choosing. There choice, their trip, just the two of them. I think this is just brilliant. I remember a ‘mom-and-me’ trip to Florida when I was just 16 – and it is definitely one of my favorite vacations. I still laugh at all the silliness and jokes we shared!

Aside from the crazy awesome idea, they were just so sweet and gorgeous to photograph. A much quieter session than my normal toddler times or hustle of a wedding day, it was a wonderful change of pace. A quiet and casual stroll through the park snapping away at this beautiful girl as she enters into the pre-teen years was a perfect way to spend a Tuesday morning.

I hope you enjoy this session as much as I do! I can’t deny it’s definitely one of my favorites..

If you’d like to see the complete gallery, you can pop over just here: Angelia + Mckenna

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