Montclair Family Photography Session with my Crew and Guests

Making the choice to end a 12-year career in which I felt that I was playing ‘dress-up’, leading a very in-authentic life, had is consequences (read: loss of $$, benefits, vacation time and ‘stability’ – all things that my 23 year old self thought were more important than leading an authentic life). Settling into Montclair family photography and the NYC area in general is not a task for the weary.

Craziest thing? All that crap totally worked itself out. And every day we’ve had food on the table, we haven’t lost our house (bills have been paid!!), we navigated the Health Care system and are insured. And stability? I learned stability to me means I get to experience moments like these.


And every day – I wake up with joy and excitement over what we’ll discover.

Today, maybe today, my little guy will agree to put those crocs on the correct feet.


These make my heart sing and are exactly why I do what I do – it’s as though if I breath, the moment will flutter by and they’ll be asking for keys to the car. Truly, I hope you enjoy these images as much as my heart does 🙂

xx – Sarah



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