Finders Shooting Finders – NYC Lifestyle Photography

That’s the phrase when we photographers take photo’s for other folks we’ve met through the FIND Group. We are a motley collection of folks who have passionately continued to shoot film – despite it’s dwindling availability and expense. We’re a collection of folks who love the traditional sense of photography (not over photoshopped), the process, the smell!, the patience it requires, that is forces you to slow down and wait for the ‘decisive moment’. It was a wonderful day and I’m so grateful to Katie for opening her doors to me so we could capture a few moments in their Upper West Side neighborhood for some NYC lifestyle photography.

Katie Jane and I met at Jon Canlas’s FIND Workshop in Montauk and instantly hit it off. Since we met, she added to her family – these little cherubs actually got to attend Find, as well, though got prime seats still tucked away in Katie’s tummy! Our relationship has bloomed, and through the years, she’s sent many clients my way while on her maternity leave. So I thanked her the best way I know how – capturing some moments with her and her crew. Of the many many things I walked away from after FIND, the friendships are my most cherished.

I hope you enjoy the images as much as I do 🙂

xx – Sarah



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