Montclair NJ Lifestyle Photography – Blizzard 2016

Oh gratitude, you cheeky monkey!! Granted, I make sure to start each and every day being grateful, throughout my day and again a thoughtful meditation at the end of each day..

Buuuuuut. 20″ of Blizzard beacons an entirely new sort of deeper level of gratitude. For example. As I shoveled (with my gorgeous hubby and minions, of course!), I found gratitude for.. remember to buy the nice warm winter coat back in December, layering the boys with 2 sets of gloves, that we have non-broken shovels as our snow plow pooped out on us, that I painted the backdoor red, left up the Holiday Lights, wreath and greenery,  that there was hot chocolate and adult bevies waiting for us on the inside, that I’m able-bodied to be able to shovel out my neighbor who happens to work late, that I’m not the noodle who got her car stuck in the driveway across the street blocking in an entire apartment community worth of folks (and sorry if you’re that noodle!!, I’ve been there before – so truly, I feel your pain!), that I have a warm house overflowing with warm snuggles to go into once we ‘brave’ this weather. And that I got to stay in my pjs until 3:30pm. So yeah – if you got an email from me before 3:20, I was totally in my pj’s. Oh yeah, and a crazy funny family who I’ve so enjoyed our group-text-funnies all day.

And here’s our little story – hope you enjoy 🙂

xo – Sarah

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